End of Life Doula


End-of-life doulas provide companionship, comfort, and guidance to those facing a terminal illness or death. Our non-medical holistic support encompasses emotional, spiritual, and practical care. We offer resources to help the dying person, along with their family and loved ones, make informed decisions in a supportive environment.

A doula can become involved any time in a person’s life. We offer support when people are impacted by a life changing illness, after a terminal diagnosis, when death is imminent, or even after a death—to help with light grief support. Sometimes family members or loved ones of the person dying seek support and guidance from end-of-life doulas.

Doulas normalize deathcare by creating spaces to hold conversations leading to increased communication and increased spiritual and emotional well being. When individuals plan for death, they have autonomy over their decisions and are able to clearly define their end-of-life wishes with family and loved ones. While there are alternative names for end-of-life doulas like death doula, death midwife, death coach, end-of-life coach—we all seek to provide compassionate deathcare. 

At SeaStar, we have two End of Life Doulas who also hold Master's degrees in Social Work.  If you are interested in this service for you or your loved one, please contact us for more information on how we can help you.