About Us

Niki Tucker served previously as the managing director for a social services agency in Portland for over ten years.  In her role as managing director, Niki created and oversaw several business centers.  

In 2011, Niki brought in care management and watched it grow from one part-time care manager to six full-time care managers.

From 2011 to 2014, Niki served as a professional legal guardian in Washington and Oregon, overseeing and managing the care and finances of 24 clients.  

In 2014, Niki and her former partner realized that supporting guardians was more needed than being guardians themselves and ended their guardianship roles, switching to in-home care instead. Niki created the policies and procedures needed for a home care license and starting with just one client, saw the in-home care division grow to a roster of over 50 clients and nearly 100 caregivers in five years.  

Niki helped keep the company safe during the Covid pandemic. Under her and her partner's oversight, the company did not lose a single person - client or employee - to Covid.

In 2020, Support Services, which included companions escorting clients out into the community through company owned vehicles, was added to the services.  Niki created policies and procedures for this business center and watched it grow.

In 2023, Niki started her own company,  providing the services she believes are most needed in the Portland metro community - professional care management and support services.  

Niki holds the following licenses, credentials, and professional affiliations:

Jenna Tucker - Administrative Assistant

Jenna has been with SeaStar since January 2024. She worked for a previous home care agency in Human Resources and has transferred those skills to working at SeaStar.

Daniel  Hubbell - Companion

Daniel has been with SeaStar since December 2023.  He has worked in in-home care and with clients with developmental delays. 

Alex Landry - Companion

Alex has been with SeaStar since February 2024. He comes with a lot of experience taking clients on outings and working with clients with dementia.

Sarah Tucker - Companion

Sarah has been with SeaStar since February 2024. She has worked in in-home care, as a pre-school teacher assistant, and looks foward to applying her skills here at SeaStar.

Joella Alderete Livesey, MSW - Care Manager

Joella joined SeaStar in Februarty 2024 and is originally from New Mexico. She has her Death Doula certification, has worked in in-home care with dementia and alzheimer's clients, with vulnerable and at risk youth, domestic violence victims and as a substitute teacher and looks forward to continuing working with elders in our community. She is a Spanish speaker and has a deep connection to her Hispanic and Native American heritage.